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How to become a racehorse owner

1. How do I become a racehorse owner?

Simply contact Jean de Mieulle Racing through the link of the contact page. Jean is happy to help you achieve your dream of becoming a racehorse owner.


2. What documents do I have to complete and return to France Galop?

Here are the links that you need for France Galop


3. Who will tell me how my horses are doing in training?

Jean de Mieulle will regularly provide you with updates on your horses. He will always be available and only a phone call away if you have any question or need any information.

You will also get regular emails or Whats App messages with photos and videos of the morning workout. 


4. What budget do I need to have a horse in training?

Jean will talk with you about all the different options.

If owning a racehorse outright is outside your budget, there is always a possibility of sharing a racehorse with one of Jean de Mieulle Racing’s other owners.


5. Can I come and see my horse train?

As often as you like! The yard is always open to its owners. Call Jean before you arrive so that he can welcome you!


6. Will I get tickets to the racecourses?

Yes, the moment you become a racehorse owner, you will get an owner’s badge issued by France Galop. This badge will allow you, as well as your partner, to gain access to areas open to owners.

If you are part of a partnership, most of the time we will be able to get your badges so that you can see your horse run.

If you hold a share in a syndicate, we will get a number of tickets to access the racecourse and we will make sure that they are distributed in turn so that you can enjoy the experience of being an owner from inside the main area.


Please rest assured that we will always do whatever we can to get tickets when your horse is running.  

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