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Racehorse Trainer

Jean de Mieulle, Entraineur de chevaux de courses,, Morannes, France
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Jean de Mieulle

Jean de Mieulle was born into a well-known racing family and grew up amongst English thoroughbreds and Purebred Arabians.

A keen show jumper during his teenager years, he loved the adrenalin and going as fast as possible and it came as no surprise when he turned his attention to pony racing.


As soon as he turned 16 (the legal age when you can get an amateur licence), Jean got his amateur licence and over the next few years rode in over 150 races and recorded ten winners. 


He also represented France in the Fegentri World Cup of Nations in the United States, where he finished second.


Whilst riding as an amateur jockey, he pursued a BTS (2-year higher education diploma) in analysis and conduct of farming systems, which also provided him with an extensive knowledge in management and accountancy. 


Following his graduation and heeding his family’s advice, he travelled around the world to learn about the different training and breeding methods in the racing industry, which has become a global sport.


He first went to the United States, where he spent the summer of 2013 with trainer Christophe Clement. It was a rewarding experience, as he learnt not only many things about training racehorses, but also discovered another culture and improved his English.

He then moved on to Australia, where in 2015 he joined the yard of James A. Cummings.


The Australia experience was a real eye-opener.


Cummings and his assistant Nacim Dilmi gave him valuable advice and explanations, which helped him to:


  • understand the particularities of the racing industry in Australia

  • appreciate the weekly excursions to the beach with the horses

  • discover the racecourses around Sydney

  • understand the value of creating owner’s syndicates

  • understand the importance of a warm welcome of clients at the yard

  • deepen his knowledge of welfare and care of racehorses

  • and many other aspects….


Back in France, Jean de Mieulle found it impossible to sit still and decided to return to the United States. After his experience on the East coast, this time round he went West to California where he joined the stable of Chris Hartman and his then assistant Joshua Flores who were preparing their horses for the Del Mar meeting.


Once more, he was introduced to different training methods and learnt that there is more than one approach to management, as well as dealing with staff issues and how to keep your team happy. All of these experiences would give him a solid base for the day he started training himself.

His next stop on his travels around the world was made in Qatar where he based himself with his uncle Alban de Mieulle, who trains for His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khalifa Al Thani, as well as for His Highness Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al Thani (Al Shaqab) and Al Rabban Racing.


For the next five years, Jean de Mieulle worked with his Uncle as they lifted the world’s most prestigious races for Purebred Arabians and best English thoroughbred races in Qatar.

Spending seven months in Qatar and five months in France, Jean used his time with his uncle to his advantage. Working alongside this hugely successful trainer and manager, who has been based in Qatar for twenty-five years and who has taken the Purebred Arabian breed to new heights and put UMM QARN firmly on the map of the world’s most successful racing stables, Jean proved himself invaluable, taking on many responsibilities as Alban de Mieulle’s assistant.


This spring, thanks to the support of his former “mentors” and his forays into the international world of training racehorses, Jean is finally going to go out on his own and pursue a career as a trainer, which has been his ambition since he was a small boy. 

Jean de Mieulle, Entraineur de chevaux de courses,, Morannes, France
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